Photo by  Nonagon Style

Photo by Nonagon Style

Photo by  Kaitlin Chan

Photo by Kaitlin Chan


Hallo! Ich bin eine Illustratorin ursprünglich aus Hong Kong und wohne jetzt in Rheinland-Pfalz, an der Mosel. Obwohl ich hier vorwiegend auf Englisch schreibe, kommuniziere ich auch gerne auf Deutsch. Ich arbeite im Bereich Editorial & Online Content Creation. Bei Interesse an einer Zusammenarbeit können Sie mich gerne anschreiben.

Kat J. Weiss is a freelance illustrator & designer from a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, regrettably expat-like background, born & raised in Hong Kong. She now resides in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. 

Kat enjoys drawing with inks, as it is unpredictable, accident-prone, and precise, all at once. Her work is collage- and pattern-like, with surreal and playful compositions. Though she operates in a few different styles – sometimes saccharine and sweet, sometimes a little more serious – her leaning towards the decorative remains throughout.

Kat has been featured in Quiet Lunch Magazine, Expat Parent Magazine, Nonagon Style, PLUG Magazine, and Girls Club Asia. In March 2018, she exhibited paintings at Swing A Cat Gallery (Hong Kong) for her first ever group show with HK ILLO, Urban Tails. She also frequently participates in local craft markets, such as Discovery Bay Sunday Market, The Hive Sai Kung Easter & Christmas Markets, The Hive Studios Print Gone Wild, CultureFest & more.

When she isn't art-ing, Kat can probably be found crocheting, making a synth-y twee-pop tunes in GarageBand, trying to do headstands, taking care of her plant babies, listening to podcasts, or making Youtube videos. Are you an illustrator in Germany, in need of friends? Come say hi to a fellow loner!

Education: Savannah College of Art and Design, BFA in Illustration and minor in Graphic Design.

Things that inspire me: Art Nouveau posters, Japanese artists Seiichi Hayashi, and psychedelic fashion and advertising illustration from the 1960s. 

I am looking to do editorial illustration works or online content creation on topics concerning: environmentally sustainable living & dining, respecting and being present in nature, mindfulness and mental health, having deep compassion for self and other living beings, and social equity for LGBT+ and marginalised groups. If you have a project that would suit my style and core message, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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