Kat J. Weiss is a freelance illustrator based in Hong Kong. She graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2014, with a BFA in Illustration and minor in Graphic Design.  

Kat enjoys drawing in pen, as it is unpredictable, accident-prone, and precise, all at once. Her work is collage- and pattern-like, with surreal and playful compositions. Sometimes she likes to take words and mess with their shapes and meanings, too. 

When she isn't art-ing, Kat can probably be found crocheting, doing crosswords, listening to podcasts, or taking photos of her friends, or watching obscure crime documentaries. 

Things that inspire her: Art Nouveau posters, Japanese artists Seiichi Hayashi and whoever this guy is, 1960s fashion illustrators like Antonio Lopez, and those drawings you get on vintage sewing patterns. 

Kat has been featured in Quiet Lunch Magazine, Sai Kung Magazine & Nonagon Style